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How to subscribe to "Origami Record"

  • We are now accepting the subscriptions for "Origami Record 2019"  (January 2019 - December 2019:  Origami Record(vol.1) and four periodicals(e-books)of the year(i.e.spring,summer,autumn and winter periodials) ).
  • To subscribe, You can pay through PayPal  :
  • A:香港(Hongkong;)112CNY(16.4USD)                 PayPal 16.4 USD TO SAOC
    B:台湾、澳门(Taiwan\Macau)123CNY(18USD)  PayPal 18 USD TO SAOC
  • 【A&B: The price includes shipping and handling fee for Hongkong, i.e. Taiwan or Macau.】
  • C:电子刊会员(only e-book)3.3USD                        PayPal 3.3 USD TO SAOC
  • The first issue(e-book) will be sent by email in the Early March ,the last issue(e-book)will be sent by email in the early December. The printed book(Origami Record vol1) will be shippd in the end of june. It may take one week for the copy to reach you.

注:1:组织团体或其他个人订购请联系【1.Organizations or individuals(not from Chinese mainland, i.e. Hongkong,Taiwan or Macau) want to order printed book,please 
注:2:付款后请发送账单信息以及详细收件地址和邮箱到【2.After payment,Let us know your name and address by either printing on the money order or sending us an email message.


Subscription / Membership of Origami Record

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